Interview with Author E.L. Montes!


1. What inspires you to write?

Pretty much anything inspires me. I can listen to a song and the lyrics in one single chorus can inspire an idea for an entire book. I could also be sitting in a restaurant, observing my surroundings and every person that I notice I begin to make up this whole story in my head of where they might be from, what they do, who they know and all of it pops crazy ideas for a book in my head. It’s pretty weird. LOL.

2. The ladies LOVE Marcus. I mean, he is H.O.T. Did you write Marcus as your ideal man?

Um…I’m not sure I wrote it with the intentions of Marcus being my ideal man. I wanted him to have different traits, to be a little possessive at times, but swoony worthy in others. I wanted him to be strong but weak for the woman he loves. I wanted a man that wasn’t afraid to show his affection, to breakdown and not let go of the one thing he admired and loved most.

3. What can we expect from Cautious?

I’m hoping I can deliver just as good as or even better than Disastrous. Marcus and Mia are going to go through a lot of ups and downs. Their relationship will be tested, they will have to learn to trust and be honest with one another. Which will be difficult for them since their relationship was based on lies to begin with. There will be secrets that Marcus finds out more in detail with his father’s death. As well as other secrets that makes him begin to question his family and his relationship with Mia. Cautious is written in both Mia and Marcus’ POV so you’ll see more of the mafia side and how Marcus handles jobs/meetings and so forth. It will be another rollercoaster ride full of angst and drama. I just hope I can give the Disastrous fans/readers the best ending to the series…I will give it my all and best.

4. We’d all like to see Lou Sorrento ‘taken care of’…will that happen in Cautious?

If this was to happen I would not tell you. LOL…but I like to write opposite of what the readers want or expect, so the more they say they want Lou to die…the more I will steer away from it, just an FYI 😉

5. Everyone is asking, will there be a third book?

No, there will not be a third book to the Disastrous series. You never know, maybe it the very far future I may want to revisit them, but for now I just want to wrap them up. I put Marcus and Mia through so much in Disastrous and they are going to go through even more in Cautious that I can’t see them going through anymore heartache.

6. I’ve added Perfectly Damaged to my Goodreads list. What can you tell me about it?

I have to say as much as I love Marcus and Mia’s story; I’m in love with Josh and Jenna’s! I cannot wait to share their story with you guys. It’s so different from Disastrous. Perfectly Damaged is a deeper, realistic story about two individuals struggling to find themselves. Josh is not your typical rich alpha male. He’s struggling to make ends meet, along with caring for his nephew because his sister is unable to. Jenna has inner fears and issues that she is struggling with, due to the result of her more elaborate upbringing.

Their relationship is not an insta-love attraction at all. In fact they kind of despise each other. Though after an issue that arises they have to work together and VERY slowly, in the mist of learning about each other they begin to discover and learn certain feelings and things about themselves which begins a relationship. Though, of course the two of them are so different and damaged it’s more of a fight as to whether or not their perfect for each other.

Let’s do a lightening round of “favorites” to get to know the author!
Here it goes…
Color:                            Green
Book:                             The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom
Food:                             Philly Chicken Cheesesteak
Time of day:                After 5pm when I leave work! LOL
Flavor ice cream:       Strawberry
Book blog *clears throat* LMAO! Hmmmm…. so many to choose from. I truly love them all! I appreciate the hard work any book blogger goes through in simply reading and pimping out author’s work that they love. They are amazeballz and do not get enough credit.


And now for your snippet of Cautious, due out Spring 2013! Enjoy…




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Thank you E.L. Montes for taking the time to chat with me!



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