Talania — A Trip Down Memory Lane



 Talania –A Trip Down Memory Lane


“My name is Evelyn Beaumont. I am twenty years old and I am a brain cancer survivor.”

This simple, direct introductory sentence immediately grabbed my attention.  Twenty years old?!  Brain cancer survivor?! How could I not read this book? The infinitely beautiful and soul-stirring story that ensued held me captive until its emotional conclusion.

Evelyn Beaumont, cancer survivor, finally gets a chance at living a normal life as a college student. Her main disadvantage is that memories of the five years preceding her college entrance are non-existent. Those memories have been stolen by a vicious brain tumor. Undeterred by her recent battle, Evelyn is determined to live and experience all college life has to offer.

Tristan Monroe, campus hottie and owner of Before and After, a local bar is the lead singer for the up-and-coming indie band, Lost. He is on a mission to forget the only girl he ever loved. Questions about why she left and where she went still haunt him. He sings out his loss and pain each night on stage with the band at his bar. He also takes full advantage of all that the band groupies have to offer after each show.

Adella Parsh, Evelyn’s roommate, is an enchanting, free spirit.  Beyond a room, they share a love for music. Adella grew up and remains friends with Shawn, the back–up singer for Lost. Their first evening on campus Adella takes Evelyn for an unforgettable night out to see the band at Before and After.

What ignites from Evelyn and Adella’s outing is a fire that will not be extinguished and a no-holds-barred quest for Evelyn to reclaim the memories that cancer and circumstance have taken from her. Evelyn’s journey to remember her lost years is arduous and impressive. Those missing five years contain more joy and pain than most people will experience in a lifetime. It is a path paved, unexpectedly, with the priceless love and support from friends Evelyn cannot recall.

Author, Crystal D. Spears, has crafted a cast of solid, spicy characters who are passionate, loyal, creative, and spirited.  I was captivated by her story of friendship, hope, survival, and love. Talania – A Trip Down Memory Lane communicates this simple truth: what the mind forgets, the heart will remember to infinity.


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