Dare Me Forever by Paige Edwards

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 Dare Me Forever by Paige Edwards


“It was moments like this I could practically hear my dad’s voice: ‘ In times of trouble, times where you have to make a big decision, that’s when you’ll learn who you are.’ He repeated it so often that it became almost like a prayer for him. ‘Are you the kind of person who lives with her head or with her heart?’”

Amy Miller thinks about her deceased father’s words of wisdom, often. These words have guided her and helped her define who she is. She is a survivor and a fighter who has raised her younger brother and who is on the verge of opening her own business.  Out of necessity, Amy has had to be a person who lives with her head. She could not afford to fail. With her younger brother finally off to college, Amy is in a life-transition which most people don’t face at the age of twenty-three. Not only is her nest empty, she is entering the professional world as the owner of a stationery store. Amy, also, finally has a chance of entering into an adult, romantic relationship.

Hunter Morgan is Amy’s handsome high school sweetheart. His family is wealthy and well respected in the business community. Hunter has an established place in his family’s real estate development firm.  In high school, he broke Amy’s heart without explanation and she still wonders why. Recently back in town after graduating college, Hunter is purposefully pursuing Amy, reawakening feelings she once had for him. He is safe, friendly and familiar. Hunter makes Amy question whether she should give him a second chance at love with her.

Ryan Anderson works with Morgan Properties. He is a stunningly sexy Englishman who rocks Amy’s well-formed world. Ryan and Amy’s instant, mutual attraction is undeniable from their first encounter. A fierce businessman who has made his own success in life without apology; he recognizes the value of the rare passion he shares with Amy. For Amy he is extremely enticing and exotic, exciting her in ways she never dreamed to be possible.  Ryan has Amy wondering if it is time to reevaluate who she is and maybe begin to live as her father would wish: by her heart.

Dare Me Forever is written is a style that makes for easy reading. Paige Edward uses her words to woo the reader into focusing on her characters.  The characters in this book are intriguing, yet easy to identify with.  They are likable and each has their own secrets to reveal. Dare Me Forever has an interesting plot filled with twists and laced with steamy moments that make it an enjoyable read.


I’m a romance reader and writer with my first book DARE ME FOREVER (April, 2013) and mom. I love sweet, steamy, happy endings! And complicated men.





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