Review for In A Heartbeat by Teodora Kostova


Review for In A Heartbeat
3 Stars

What three things should a person not be without in life? For nineteen–year-old, Stella Quinn, the answer to that question is, “ Love, dreams, and luck.”

Stella has an abundance of love in her life. She also has a few dreams. However, when it comes to luck, she finds herself at a deficit. Tragedy marred her world when she was fourteen. A gaping hole was ripped into her happy life when her brother, father, and uncle were killed in an automobile accident. As a result Stella and her mother have had to rely on each other to rebuild their shattered existence. They have brought their lives to some semblance of normal when, four years later, Stella is diagnosed with cancer.

Over the course of ten months and two surgeries Stella has half of her liver removed. Recovering, feeling optimistic and ready for change, she decides to visit her cousin, Lisa, in Genoa, Italy. Stella plans to spend her summer in Italy relaxing and having fun prior to her next doctor visit and cancer checkup. It is in Genoa that she discovers the fourth thing necessary for people to have in life – hope.

Hope comes in the form of Massimo Slevaggio. Max is handsome, hard working, and haunted. Healing from his own painful past, Max has had no desire to have a serious romantic relationship. He has good friends and plenty of fun without commitment. For Max, life is about working and saving to go to college so he can fulfill his dream of studying architecture.

When Stella and Max meet, their attraction for each other is instantaneous and undeniable. It is also more intense than either of them expected. In a heartbeat, they find their lives changing because of the feelings they have for each other.

In A Heartbeat is a tender and powerful story written by Teodora Kostova. It examines the possibility of love at first sight and the lengths people will travel to protect those they love from a lifetime of grief. In A Heartbeat is an exploration of how people handle loss, how they learn to forgive, and how under the most challenging of circumstances, they learn to live the best life possible.

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