Darkness Before Dawn by Claire Contreras


4 Stars

The amazing cast of characters from Claire Contreras’ There is No Light in Darkness returns in Darkness Before Dawn. Headlined by the ever constant Cole Murphy and the strong-willed Blake Brennan, the story of their life and love becomes more complex, compelling one to keep reading until their fate is decided.

Darkness before Dawn drops the reader right into the heart of the drama where There is No Light in Darkness left off. Readers get to hear Blake’s voice and the details of her horrendous situation. She describes how she survives each day with her love for Cole as the supreme motivation to escape her circumstances. Interwoven with Blake’s voice is Cole’s. He tells readers of his anguish and the lengths he must traverse to bring Blake back into his world so he can be whole again.

The alternating points of view add a new and exciting dimension for Claire Contreras readers. Cole’s point of view brings better understanding of just how deep his devotion for Blake is. Always ready for action and willing to go through all barriers, Cole’s descriptions navigate the many layers of action-filled intrigue involved to find Blake. Both voices make the story more personal and passionate.

Readers also get to know characters who are merely introduced in There is No Light in Darkness. Connor Benson, who was only a passing news story, becomes a very real player in the unfolding drama. The man in the black leather jacket, who readers meet at the end of There is No Light in Darkness, becomes. Dean. He adds an unforgettable dimension to the lives of Blake and Cole. Both are worthy having their own stories told in the future.

Darkness Before Dawn is a perfect conclusion to There is No Light in Darkness. Claire Contreras skillfully explores the boundaries and bonds of family, life, death, revenge, forgiveness, and love. Blake and Cole’s story is infinitely tragic and exquisitely beautiful. The mystery and suspense that surrounds them is more than enough to keep a reader turning pages in search of answers. The passion and love between this couple is what sustains the story in reader’s thoughts and hearts long after the book has been closed.


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