The Do Over Review

Review for
The Do Over
by A.L. Zaun
4 Stars

The Do Over introduces two new and extremely enticing book boyfriends to devoted readers – Rick Marin and Liam Lucas. They are both swoon- worthy Miami men The Do Over also introduces us to a female protagonist reading addicts can truly identify with – Daniela Ruiz.

A self-described bookaholic, Dani lives for her late night dates with her book boyfriends. Her BBFs are definitely better than real men. Without doubt, they are better than her real ex-boyfriend who broke up with her simply because things were just not “happening” for him. Dani escapes with one of her three Kindles into the beautiful world of novels on a daily basis. In this fictional world, she can experience emotions along with the characters but never actually be hurt or disappointed. She is quite happy escaping into her fictional world until her real best friends decide an intervention must take place. They have decided it is time for Dani to rejoin the real world, even if it means risking heartache.

Enter Liam Lucas. This Miami Firefighter fatefully steps into Dani’s world making a huge imapct. Liam is dedicated, responsible, and passionate about his career. His first meeting with Dani sparks an internal fire, which he cannot put out. Despite his attraction to her, he lets her walk away without paving a way to make contact with Dani. At their providential second meeting, Liam is determined not to make that same mistake. He embarks on a journey to show Dani his world and convince her to share it with him.

Re-enter Rick Marin, the consummate male who exudes sexuality and adores women. In return he receives the complete adoration of the women with whom he crosses paths. He once had Dani’s adoration and love until his fear of commitment caused him to cruelly break up with her. He left Dani damaged closed off to other men. After two years, Rick has realized his mistake in dismissing Dani so callously. He has decided to make the necessary life changes to win her back, no holds barred.

A.L. Zaun writes an intriguing, triangular story in which Dani Ruiz must examine her feelings for two very real and very gorgeous men. She is forced to make honest and tough decisions and decide if her future lies with Liam or Rick. The story is quite entertaining with many recognizable references to contemporary literature true bookaholics will enjoy. It explores questions that are very real in many relationships. The Do Over is cleverly written and filled with plenty of action and drama, making it a hard book to put down.


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