Envisioned by Nikki Narvaez

Review for


The Elemental Prophecy

by Nikki Narvaez

4 Stars

 “Your twin flame is the other half of your soul, whom Zeus literally cut and separated you from at the beginning of time for fear of your combined power. You spend your whole life searching for this person, driven to find them. When you find your twin flame and touch them, it is said that a spark of electricity ignites what feels like an inferno inside you, hence the twin flame reference consuming you from inside out.”

 Jace Vasquez is the undefeated UFC champion fighter who so eloquently explains the twin flame concept. He is skeptical about their actual existence and has no interest in finding his twin flame. Jace is haunted by dreams of a beautiful girl whom he cannot save from a horrible fate. He feels she exists in the real world and is bothered that he cannot find her. By day he wins UFC fights. By night, he celebrates his victories and tries to forget the unforgettable girl from his horrifying dreams.

 Brielle De Luca dreams every night of a gorgeous guy whom she cannot save. She is haunted by images of him being carried away by horrible creatures. She is powerless to free him from the terror–filled fate that awaits him. By day, Brielle is busy completing high school and preparing to celebrate her eighteenth birthday with her best friend. One night of celebrating and a chance meeting between Jace and Brielle changes their lives forever.

 In Envisioned, author Nikki Narvaez expertly creates a very contemporary story where ancient Greek Gods and mystical forces are still very active in the lives of modern mortals. Envisioned contains the story of a race of people called Elementals. Each member of this race has the ability to control only one of the four elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. They live with a prophecy that says the One will come and be bale to control all four elements at the same time. The One will ultimately fight for and bring peace to the world. Envisioned begins the tale of the One in a way that deserves notice. It is the perfect blend of mythology, magic, and romance. It quickly catches one’s interest with its creative storyline, colorful characters, non-stop action, and hot, sweet romance.




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