Abel by Elizabeth Reyes


Coming off the worst divorce in the history of marriages, Nellie Gamboa’s looking to let loose and make up for years of neglect. When months of building sexual tension between her and the young hot boxing stud, Abel Ayala, finally peak, she makes him an offer no man would refuse.
No promises. No demands. Just pure unrestrained passion.
Abel’s training for the biggest fight of his career. He has no time for a social life, much less a relationship. So this arrangement couldn’t be more perfect. A beautiful woman asking him to help her alleviate her neglected desires—no strings attached. What more can he ask for?
As the lines between lust and something much deeper, begin to blur, Abel finds himself in an even bigger fight.
The fight to regain control of his now demanding heart.

Review for
Abel (5th Street #4)
by Elizabeth Reyes
4 stars

I opened my heart to Noah in the first book of the 5th Street Series. In the second book, Gio managed to carve out a space of his own, and in the third book, Hector charmed his way into my ever expanding, life-maintaining core. All of these men share values that bond them as friends and make them attractive. Each handsome boxer has his own engaging qualities, which make him memorable and irresistible. I have eagerly awaited this 4th installment of the 5th Street Series.

Abel Ayala has always been the most reserved of the men from 5th street gym. He is fiercely protective of three things, his friends, family, and his private life. It is this protection of his private live that adds mystery to Abel and draws attention to him. He has no hesitation in stepping up to support his friends and family in any way possible and no qualms about speaking his mind to keep them on course in their lives. Now it is his time to shine. With an upcoming chance to fight for the heavyweight title, he is intense in his training and has no time for a committed romantic relationship. It is for this very reason he takes Nellie Gamboa up on her offer of a no-strings-attached sexual relationship.

Nellie Gamboa has survived one the nastiest and most pubic of divorces a person could ever imagine. She has come out of the whole situation with a new outlook on life and is determined not to miss out on experiencing the opportunities that she deprived herself of when she married at a young age. The last thing she is looking for is a serious relationship. When she sees the chance to enjoy the company of the exquisitely handsome heavyweight, Abel. Their attraction to each other has been undeniable since she began working on public relations activities with the owners of the 5th Street Gym. Even when Nellie’s best friend protests about the arrangement she and Abel have, Nellie decides it is more than worth the risk for the experience and pleasure she is receiving.

Abel and Nellie both enter this “friends with benefits” situation thinking they can handle it and walk away unscathed when it ends. It is truly an unforgettable experience to watch these two determined individuals work their way through a situation that quickly spirals in into unexpected territory.

Elizabeth Reyes turns up the heat a notch in Abel while holding true to the 5th Street elements that make her books so very enjoyable. The clean and elegant style of her writing makes this Elizabeth Reyes novel a pleasure to read. Abel is everything I hoped it would be. The characters are consistent and none of the important details that keep me coming back to read these steamy stories are left out. . Ultimately, the passion and intensity with which these characters love and protect each other through tumultuous times make the 5th Street Series a timeless favorite. Abel is one more shining gem in Elizabeth Reyes jewel collection.


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Inky (The Leaves #1) by J. B. Hartnett


Release Date August 3rd. Adult Contemporary Romance

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Anika “Inky” Redding is passionate about two things; her love of painting and her fiancé Evan. While working as a bartender to pay her bills, she meets Cole, a sexy divorcee. She denies their mutual attraction and tries to put him out of her mind.

When an abusive person from her childhood makes an unexpected visit, Inky’s world is turned upside down. Secrets are revealed and truths are exposed leaving Inky devastated and questioning what she thought was love. As she picks up the pieces and tries to move on, she finds her path crosses with Cole once again and this time, she cannot deny the passion between them.

Once she opens her heart again, will she be able to move forward or will her past find a way to stop her?

Inky (The Leaves #1)
by J. B, Hartnett
4 stars

With a title like Inky, I was not sure what to expect. I have to admit I was attracted to the beautiful cover of the book. I hypothesized that the story would be unique and probably eclectic. I pretty much hit the nail on the head with my guess. I was not immediately taken with the story because it seemed unnecessarily detailed and I couldn’t get a handle on the direction of the story. However, I kept reading because the writing style was fluent and interesting. Suddenly, I was hooked as the pieces started to come together. As I got closer the end of Inky, I could not put the book down because I needed to know how it concluded. What I found out left me hanging, but excited for the next installment.

Anika,” Inky” Redding is a survivor of abuse and an artist. She has a very blunt approach to life and sees all things through the detailed eye of an artist. She manages to find the beauty in most things and is very accepting of others. Inky bartends to make ends meet so that she can work at an art gallery where she is allowed to use the studio space to create her masterpieces. Although she makes it pretty well through daily routine, Inky carries some pretty deep scars from her past. She has managed to hide these scars from her fiancé, Evan. There is no doubt that Inky loves Evan, but she feels it best to leave the horrors of the past completely behind her. She has had a lot of success until one evening when a visitor from her past returns to shatter her delicately balanced world.

Cole Carlyle is a lucky man on the surface. He is successful in business and has all of the external perks that come with the success. Beneath the surface, he is a man who has more than his share of demons. He is recently divorced and not in the best frame of mind when Inky first meets him. In fact, he makes a pretty bad impression on Inky. He however, makes a connection with Inky on a level she deosn.t understand. Cole is instrumental in helping her survive some precarious moments. In the darkest of her situations, It is Cole’s voice that brings Inky peace. Cole understands Inky in a way that no one else ever has.

When Inky’s art is the instrument that brings Cole into her life, fascinating things begin to occur. J. B. Hartnett does a wonderful job of creating an exquisite love story between to very tortured souls. With all that Inky and Cole have overcome in their lives, it is only fitting that they find the peace they have never had in each other. As with any piece of art, it is the subtle details that add up to make the finished work a thing of beauty. J. B. Hartnett has brought together the shattered pieces of two very tragic stories and woven them into a gorgeous novel. Inky will open the eyes of many to the fact that as horrific as the details of life may be, beautiful things can be found and put together to create works of art.

Crashed by Danielle A. Elwood


Review for
by Danielle A. Elwood
3 stars

Emily Taylor has had her share of loss in life. It has only been two years since both of her parents had been killed in a car wreck. In the time ensuing, she carefully put her life back together. Her career is doing well. She maintains a relationship with her sister Amelia despite her inability to like her brother-in-law, Ben. With the help of her best friend Becca, Emily maintains a healthy social life. One morning she wakes up late and is rushing to get to work for a meeting. On her way to work, a truck hits Emily’s car. She is pinned inside her over turned vehicle.

Avery Martin is a firefighter who is committed to his career. He is focused and enjoys his job. He is a good-looking man with southern charm. Although Avery has no problems finding dates, his dating life has not been a success. He has had horrible luck with the women he has dated. He has decided to focus on his job and the friends he has at his station. One morning his unit is called to the scene of an accident. He is the one who free Emily from her overturned car.

Emily’s accident and Avery’s rescue of her is the catalyst for a change in both of their lives. Though they meet under less than ideal circumstances, Emily and Avery recognize the connection they have for each other and realize that it is something very special. Their bond forms quickly and solidly. They help each other navigate through some very arduous circumstances and unexpected instances which life brings their way.

Danielle Lockwood shows that true and lasting love can be found in the most unexpected of places in Crashed. Her sweet romance filled with southern charm contains a few plot twists that keep the story interesting. It is hard not like Emily and Avery. They are truly beautiful souls who are suited perfectly for one another. Ms. Lockwood does a good job of letting readers know that happiness can stem from the roots of sadness with Crashed. The fact that love can be found in the most unexpected of places resonates and brings light Emily and Avery’s story.

Winning Back Ryan by S.L. Siwik


3 stars
Annie is one lucky girl. She has a boyfriend she loves and four of the best friends a girl could ever ask for. Life is good. She enjoys her job, good times filled with good music, drinks, and laughter, as well as, an apartment home she has created with the man of her dreams. It is unimaginable to her that her solid, post college life could be better. Annie has it all until the day she walks into her home to find a scene playing out which brings her life crashing down around her.

Finding her relationship with Ryan in ruins, Annie vows that she will make it right. The only redeeming quality in this upheaval of Annie’s world is that she has Brian, Max, George and Ben to help her through her trauma. With a plan of action to win her boyfriend back, Annie enlists her friends’ help. What ensues is a series of revelations that cause Annie to question all she has known. Along the way, she finds out things about her boyfriend, her friends and herself that surprise her. She is forced to face some truths she has been avoiding and to make some decisions that change the course of her life.

S. L. Siwick tells the story of a small town girl who moves to the big city to escape being stereotyped. Siwick plots a story of true friendship and love that transcends the borders of gender and economic barriers. Winning Back Ryan encompasses jealousy, deceit, lies, revenge, friendship, forgiveness, and love between friends. The story raises questions about testing the boundaries of friendships and the lines that should or should not be crossed when seeking love and happiness in life. S.L. Siwick creates an interesting cast of memorable characters whose lives are so intricately intertwined that one action has consequences for them all.

Annie’s extraordinary story is heartbreaking, funny, frustrating, sweet, and romantic. Her journey of self-discovery is one that is both educational and entertaining.

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Love Square by Jessica Ingro

Love Square Cover

Review for
Love Square
Jessica Ingro
4 stars

“Life is messy and complicated. What we grow up thinking of a black and white is anything but. Gray areas are everywhere. No one knows this better than me.”

These opening sentences of Love Square come from the mind of the main character, Sam Parker. Sam has the “perfect life”. She remains friends with her bestie from high school, Michelle Kelsey. Sam is a successful author. She has been married to her college sweetheart, Aiden Parker for ten years. Aiden is successful in his career. Aiden is very much in love with Sam. Sam loves Aiden. Together they share a beautiful home, two nice cars, and a dog, named Hugo.

From the outside looking in, Sam’s life is to be envied. From the inside looking out, Sam is miserable. Her career is good, but her marriage had hit a rough patch. She and Aiden argue more often than they used to. They spend way too much time giving each other the silent treatment. Even though she knows Aiden is having a stressful time a work, Sam wonders if this is the real root of problems in her passion-drained marriage. She is floundering emotionally, and cannot seem to find inner happiness or the peace she craves. Sam finds herself questioning all she knows.

On a book promotional tour, Sam runs into her old high school flame, Jacob Matthews. Their reacquaintance sparks a flame, which grows into wild fire of unimaginable proportions. The residual damage of this fire causes Sam to lose the very things she has worked to attain over the past ten years. The turmoil caused by this disaster makes Sam question what happiness truly is and what she really values from life. She is left to rebuild the ruins that compose her life at the end of the firestorm. Sam’s journey to rebuild her life, becomes a quest for self –discovery which leads her to unexpected places.

Jessica Ingro has masterfully and creatively weaved a story of love, lust, betrayal, friendship, and forgiveness. Sam’s story had me up all night. The heartbeat of Love Sauare pulsed, spiked, flat-lined, and pulsed again. This plotline cycled through much like the erratic rhythms of a heart patient who is being treated for coronary disease. If said patient were to ride one of those monster theme park rides, they would probably feel the same way I did while reading this book. I could not believe the wild twists and turns, the sudden accelerations and the abrupt decelerations that lasted for the entirety of the story. I also was not prepared for the final loop that appeared at the end and made the whole ride one mind-blowing experience. Love Square is a romance that is neither light- hearted nor frivolous. It is pithy and chock full of real world moments that are relatable for many. Love Square made me ask the question “how far is too far to reach when one is fighting for love?” It is an all -consuming question individuals must answer for themselves.

A love triangle gone bad…
He was the one guy I couldn’t get enough of. One look from him would make me melt. He was the one I always wanted to love me, but always seemed so far away. Now he stands before me and he’s turning my world upside down.
At one time I would have done anything to be close to him. But will that anything include betraying the man I pledged myself to and that loves me faithfully?
Samantha Monroe had it all. Or at least everyone thought she did. A career on the rise, a gorgeous husband, great friends and a beautiful home. So why does she feel so alone and empty? When she reconnects with an old flame, lines are tested and compromises made in a quest for happiness.
Jacob Matthews always wondered what happened to Sam Monroe. When fate brings them together after all these years, he can’t help but wonder if it’s meant to be. But when he meets his perfect woman, there is no doubt in his mind she’s his soul mate.
Will the search for happiness cost them everything or will their love square show them what really matters?

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B&N – http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/love-square-jessica-ingro/1116093468?ean=2940148740797
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Author Bio:
Jessica grew up in Central New York. She spends her days as a Security Analyst at an IT consulting company. She spends her free time reading books and developing ideas for her own stories. Writing is her secret passion that she’s been fostering since elementary school, when she wrote her first book about a puppy. Writing has always been one of her secret dreams and she can’t wait to share her stories with the world.

She currently lives in New York with her husband and three dogs.

Author contact information:
Web – http://jessicaingro.blogspot.com/
Email – jessicaingrobooks@gmail.com
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/JessicaIngroBooks
Twitter – http://twitter.com/uvrays1997
Goodreads – http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7010240.Jessica_Ingro