Winning Back Ryan by S.L. Siwik


3 stars
Annie is one lucky girl. She has a boyfriend she loves and four of the best friends a girl could ever ask for. Life is good. She enjoys her job, good times filled with good music, drinks, and laughter, as well as, an apartment home she has created with the man of her dreams. It is unimaginable to her that her solid, post college life could be better. Annie has it all until the day she walks into her home to find a scene playing out which brings her life crashing down around her.

Finding her relationship with Ryan in ruins, Annie vows that she will make it right. The only redeeming quality in this upheaval of Annie’s world is that she has Brian, Max, George and Ben to help her through her trauma. With a plan of action to win her boyfriend back, Annie enlists her friends’ help. What ensues is a series of revelations that cause Annie to question all she has known. Along the way, she finds out things about her boyfriend, her friends and herself that surprise her. She is forced to face some truths she has been avoiding and to make some decisions that change the course of her life.

S. L. Siwick tells the story of a small town girl who moves to the big city to escape being stereotyped. Siwick plots a story of true friendship and love that transcends the borders of gender and economic barriers. Winning Back Ryan encompasses jealousy, deceit, lies, revenge, friendship, forgiveness, and love between friends. The story raises questions about testing the boundaries of friendships and the lines that should or should not be crossed when seeking love and happiness in life. S.L. Siwick creates an interesting cast of memorable characters whose lives are so intricately intertwined that one action has consequences for them all.

Annie’s extraordinary story is heartbreaking, funny, frustrating, sweet, and romantic. Her journey of self-discovery is one that is both educational and entertaining.

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