Crashed by Danielle A. Elwood


Review for
by Danielle A. Elwood
3 stars

Emily Taylor has had her share of loss in life. It has only been two years since both of her parents had been killed in a car wreck. In the time ensuing, she carefully put her life back together. Her career is doing well. She maintains a relationship with her sister Amelia despite her inability to like her brother-in-law, Ben. With the help of her best friend Becca, Emily maintains a healthy social life. One morning she wakes up late and is rushing to get to work for a meeting. On her way to work, a truck hits Emily’s car. She is pinned inside her over turned vehicle.

Avery Martin is a firefighter who is committed to his career. He is focused and enjoys his job. He is a good-looking man with southern charm. Although Avery has no problems finding dates, his dating life has not been a success. He has had horrible luck with the women he has dated. He has decided to focus on his job and the friends he has at his station. One morning his unit is called to the scene of an accident. He is the one who free Emily from her overturned car.

Emily’s accident and Avery’s rescue of her is the catalyst for a change in both of their lives. Though they meet under less than ideal circumstances, Emily and Avery recognize the connection they have for each other and realize that it is something very special. Their bond forms quickly and solidly. They help each other navigate through some very arduous circumstances and unexpected instances which life brings their way.

Danielle Lockwood shows that true and lasting love can be found in the most unexpected of places in Crashed. Her sweet romance filled with southern charm contains a few plot twists that keep the story interesting. It is hard not like Emily and Avery. They are truly beautiful souls who are suited perfectly for one another. Ms. Lockwood does a good job of letting readers know that happiness can stem from the roots of sadness with Crashed. The fact that love can be found in the most unexpected of places resonates and brings light Emily and Avery’s story.


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